An Open Letter to Women

Pegging Princess

You Want What, Where?

Congratulations! This is exciting—and maybe confusing—and perhaps a little bit scary? All normal, not to worry. Let me introduce myself. I’m not a porn star, professional dominant, or mistress. I’m Cate. I’m 43 and have the body to prove it. I’m a wife, a mother, a lover, a full-time professional, a kick-ass friend, and for the past 15 years I’ve been ass fucking my way across the U.S.

Pegging is My Super Power

For me and many pegging princesses, ass play and pegging is about pleasure—plain and simple—we view it as an act of giving. Prostate stimulation can produce orgasms up to 10 times stronger and more intense than an average cock-stimulation-only orgasm.

I get off on being the source of insane levels of pleasure for my man. I love the view, I love the adoration he gives me in return, and I love being a part of enhanced sexual pleasure for him and for me. Having a special sex skill is a super power—it makes me feel confident and empowered in and out of the bedroom.

Your Man Just Leveled Up…Join Him!

If your man had the courage to bring up this fantasy:

One – He’s a rock star, please tell him that.
Two – He trusts you and that’s a good thing. Be kind and hear him out.
Three – He’s telling you that he’s open to enhancing YOUR pleasure in the bedroom in equal measure to what he’s asking of you. Sounds like fun to me! Try to stay open minded and view this as an opportunity to share some of your fantasies with him.

Pegging gives women an opportunity to take on a different role in the bedroom, but that doesn’t mean it will change the overall dynamic of your relationship outside of the bedroom. It can be empowering for both partners and can create a stronger bond.

It’s a real turn-on to see a man let down his guard and show some vulnerability. Regardless of what you may have heard about pegging (or seen in pegging porn) it doesn’t have to be about dominating, humiliating, degrading, or feminizing your man. All that’s fine if it’s consensual—but it’s not my personal style and it doesn’t have to be yours.

Ass Play is for Everyone

No matter the anatomy with which you were born, sticking things in your ass feels good. As humans, we have wonderful sensory receptors in our asses, and it’s delightful. Prostate owners have the added benefit of enhanced stimulation by way of their asses. I consider them lucky, but I suppose clit and g-spot ownership has it’s benefits too.

My point is, ass play is about pleasure—period.

Plenty of men and women in heterosexual relationships are enjoying ass play and pegging without shame or stigma. We’ve left the inhibitions and old ways of thinking behind. Doesn’t it feel great?

No, He’s Not Gay…
…and if You Try it He Won’t Secretly Long for the “Real Thing” or Lose Interest in You

Ass play and pegging gives a man earth shattering orgasms the likes of which he has never experienced. As for making a man gay, it’s simply not possible. A man is either attracted to men (gay) or attracted to women (not gay) or somewhere in between (bi-sexual, pansexual, etc.). Your man’s gender identity, sexual orientation, and masculinity have nothing to do with pegging. Sexual stimulation to any part of your body is independent of all three—it’s that simple.

I don’t want to dismiss any fears you may have (my book is dedicated to alleviating your fears as a beginner), but I do think we over complicate the issue. Stay open minded. Confidence in yourself, your man, and your relationship is key.

How Does it Feel to Wear a Strap-on?

I absolutely love pegging. I feel powerful, sexy, and feminine wearing my strap-on. I’m ass fucking and taking names. Ladies, let me take a moment to introduce you to my middle-aged 180 lb frame. Might I also introduce you to my aging bladder and stretch marks.

Know how much I care about that when I’m strapped in?

That’s right…I don’t.

Your man thinks you look like a goddess in that harness, and guess what?

You do!

Sexual self-awareness and confidence is essential to the heart and soul of a pegging princess. Above all else sex should be rewarding and fun for both of you. And pegging is nothing if not fun.

Relationship Reality Check

Open, honest communication and trust are essential to pegging. Please take note that EVERYONE must be willing to GIVE in order to RECEIVE. So, now is a great time to get real about your relationship in and out of the bedroom.

Are you communicating? Is your man attentive to your needs in the bedroom? Are you attentive to his? Do you both feel pleased and satisfied with your sex life, and are you both willing to ask for what you want or voice concerns if there are issues in the bedroom? Can you trust him with your secret fantasies and desires the way that he trusted you with his today? Why or why not?

These are big questions, but if you have any doubts, you may need to address communication and trust before you start ass play and pegging. Trust me, it will be worth it, so stick with it even if it’s hard. Improved trust and communication have many rewards beyond increased pleasure in the bedroom. That’s just icing on the cake.

Let’s Get a Little Emotional

I’m sincere when I say I’m excited for you and your man as you start this conversation. At, we’re building a community. This is a safe space where your questions can be answered free of judgment.

Thank you for joining the pegging revolution™. I’m excited to share more of my pegging stories with you here and in my new book:
PEGGED – A Beginner’s Guide to Pegging from a Self-taught Pegging Princess out this August 2019.

Until next time, have fun and be safe out there!
Enchanted Cate


I am neither a licensed medical physician nor counselor and this is a discussion based solely on my personal experiences as a self-taught pegging princess. This is not to be taken as authoritative advice. Everyone’s bodies, circumstances, experiences, and relationships are different. Further, prostate care is serious business. Ladies, treat with care. Men, find a medical professional you trust and be honest when necessary about what you stick in your ass.

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